Skin Fit Gym

Skin Fit Gym

Skin care products are very important and we are proud to offer the highest quality from Japan. Yet, they are only topical remedies. After years of research and testing in Japan, we now able to complement our skin care products with remedies that go far below the skin's surface.
Welcome to Mirai's Skin Fit Gym in Downtown Los Angeles!
Location: 610 S. Main St., Suite 325, Los Angeles or through Skype. (If you use Skype, please email us at in advance.)


Face Exercise (for anti-sagging/wrinkles)
We all know that regular exercise for your body is important, but what about your face? Like your body, your face is made up of many muscles, requiring rigorous exercise to stay fit and achieve great looking skin. Facial exercises can be done virtually anywhere, anytime.
In Japan, it's not surprising for women to attend facial exercise classes. You can learn these exercises at our Skin Fit Gym, then practice at home for long term results.
Check our schedule, and book your appointment thru Mindbody app, call 323-449-3449 or email at
(It's not necessary to remove your makeup for our classes.)


Face Shiatsu (for wrinkle reduction)
You treat yourself to a massage and/or do stretches for your body, right? Then what about your face? Tense muscle is the cause of your wrinkles, so you will learn how to effectively press/stretch facial muscles so you don't have to depend on botox!
Check the schedule, and book thru Mindbody app, call 323-449-3449 or email at
(This course requires oil on your face to reduce friction, so bring your makeup as needed.)


BFM (Blood Flow Moderation) Training
Rejuvenate your entire body by producing growth hormone a.k.a. age defying hormon naturally.
BFM, backed by extensive research and loved by actresses, models, professional athletes and even the Harvard University is a total game changer.
After BFM certified trainer wraps BFM band on your arms or legs with the right pressure checked by the FDA approved machine, you will do light exercise while keeping the bands on. When you release them, you can feel growth hormone being spread throughout your entire body, which is a key element for age-defying.


Complimentary Online Consultation
Cannot join the classes physically? No worries.
Email your questions ideally with photos at info(at), so the Japanese skincare expert, Koko Hayashi can better answer your questions! (email title: Consultation)