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Have you ever tried fasting?
Fasting is thought to be beneficial, as a preventative measure to increase overall health, vitality and resistance to disease.
Fasting is a good way to remove toxins (influence by the environment) from the body.
Hippocrates, believed fasting enables the body to heal itself.  With this knowledge in mind, it’s logical that the same applies to your skin.
Our skin has an inherent ability to take care of itself.  However, becoming dependant on products that give hydration, oils and other skincare aides lessens your skins natural maintenance system.
Our skin is exposed to skincare products, UV block, make up and more all the time.  It’s important to give the skin a break (fast) sometimes.
1.  Try sleeping one night a week without any skincare products
This will help strengthen your skin’s recovery power. Using moisturizer daily, skin becomes lazy, because the skin doesn’t have to produce natural moisturizer (natural oils) by itself.  Without moisturizer, the skin trys to produce natural oils without relying on moisturizer.
2.  Give your skin a break from Make-up (weekly if possible)
By using just water.  Your skin can now focus on cleansing your skin (naturally) instead of spending energy on digesting and breaking down the products you put on your face.
Japanese have studied “skin fasting.”  On a montly basis it has been proven to improve your skins condition and detoxify skin impurities.  (You may see evidence of toxins leaving your body in the form of a blemish)  Please, continue to drink plenty of water and take daily vitamins while you’re skin fasting.
Hydration is very important to the health of your skin.
Based on the fact above, I also want you to know this.
If you have dry skin, you apply more moisturizer.  If you have oily skin, you apply less moisturizer.
This should be completely opposite!
Dry skin is dry on the skins surface.  The moisture inside the skin becomes dry because there’s no protection barrier (natural oils) to keep the moisture inside. Therefore, your skin needs to work harder to produce more natural oils to protect the moisture inside. With too much moitsurizer, your skin doesn’t try to produce it’s own natural oils, because there is plenty artificial moisturizer (cosmetics) on skin surface. That leads to drier skin.
Oily skin is dehydrated (dry inside the skin). Your skin is trying to produce natural oils to protect the little moisture inside the skin. Because of this action, too much natural oils are produced. This leads to oily skin. Therefore, you should use more moisturizer to reduce your own natural oils.
When our Mirai team members have dry skin and we take the “Less is More” approach, which definately works!

By the way, facial skin is very thin and sensitive and hot water damages the skin easily by rinsing away necessary natural oils.

Without natural oils, your skin becomes dry and more sensitive.  The oil on your skin is very important and protects your skin.

Also, hot water evaporates faster than room temperature water. To make it worse, the hot water evaporates WITH your skin’s moisture too.


When you wash face, try to use water which is almost the same temperate as your body.

There is an easy way to evaluate your skin condition if it’s dry, normal or oily skin.

In the morning after skin fasting, press a tissue paper on your skin and stand straight.

If the paper drop down, you have dry skin.

If the paper drops down when you see down, you have normal condition, which is the best.

If the paper doesn’t drop at all even when you see down, you have oily skin/

Here is a picture from my book.

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