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  • The only soap bar in the U.S. with Japanese persimmon extract which eliminates Nonenal/aging odor, as well as troublesome vaginal and foot odors.
  • Hand crafted by soap artisans in Japan to protect its delicate moisturizing ingredients that leave skin soft and silky.
  • No skin-unfriendly chemicals are used.
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Gently eliminates troublesome body odors originating from hormonal imbalances, menopause, and nonenal/aging odor. Also eliminates vaginal, underarm, and foot odors.
Leaves skin soft and silky. Rinses off quickly.
Clinical studies show that our soap with Persimmon Extract eliminates Nonenal by 97% compared to only 35% by conventional soaps.
Handmade by soap artisans in Japan to preserve delicate moisturizing agents.
Contains no harmful chemicals that can strip the skin’s natural oils. Unlike other persimmon soaps from Japan, Mirai’s soap bar does not contain cocamidopropyl betaine, synthetic fragrances, PEG and preservatives that can prematurely age skin.
Key Ingredients
Japanese Persimmon

Japanese Persimmon

Japanese Persimmon extract eliminates troublesome body odors.
Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea

Green Tea detoxes and provides all day freshness.
Coconut Oil

Olive Oil

Olive Oil and Hydrolyzed Collagen provides a long-lasting shield of moisture to keep the skin smooth and supple.
All Ingredients
Soap material, Water, Sucrose, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Persimmon tannin, Butylene glycol, Camellia sinensis catechin (Tea catechin), Camellia sinensis leaf extract (Tea leaf extract), Camellia sinensis leaf oil (Tea leaf oil), Green tea extract, Hydrolyzed collagen, Sodium hyaluronate, Olea Europaea (Olive) fruit oil, Squalane, Dipotassium glycyrrhizate, Charcoal powder, Alcohol, Tetrasodium etidronate
What We Don’t Use
Mirai follows rigorous guidelines for selecting, sourcing and processing our product ingredients. In addition to their purity and safety, our ingredients are chosen to effectively boost your skin’s own natural abilities to hydrate, nourish, and defend for long term skin beauty and health. Ingredients that may be potentially harmful to your skin or body are never used.

It’s just as important to know what we don’t use in our products. Learn why here.

How to Wash
How to use our Purifying Body Wash and Deodorizing Beauty Bar for the best skin care results:

What is over-washing?

A century ago, people relied on strong sops to remove dirt and body odor. Today most of us take a shower daily, but tend to lather our bodies with soap from head to toe. This is over-washing. Our modern lifestyle requires gentler and healthier approach to bathing.

Why? Perspiration is water soluble and can be easily rinsed off with water. However, oxidized natural oils, which contain impurities, are not water soluble and require soaps for removal. Many commercial soaps include synthetic ingredients that can destroy the skin’s natural protective barrier. Overusing soaps with these synthetics can lead to chronically dry or sensitive skin. Even with skin-friendly ingredients, excessive washing can remove the good bacteria which help maintain the skin’s healthy balance, and can lead to additional body odor.

Where to Wash?

There are five primary areas that should to be washed daily, as they tend to produce more oxidized sweat and lipid acid (oils) and resulting body odor:

  1. Behind the ears (where Nonenal most occurs)
  2. Behind the neck (where Nonenal most occurs)
  3. Under arms
  4. Groin
  5. Feet
anti aging
As our bodies vary, focus on other areas as you need to. Then, just rinse off with water! You’ll feel noticeably cleaner and fresher, and you’ll see healthy skin results within a few weeks. Less is more!

  • Usage: Apply to a wet sponge or wash cloth. Focus on oil-and odor- producing areas such as under arms, behind the ears and neck, groin, and feet, and rinse well. Follow with our Purifying Body Serum.
  • When to Apply: Daily.
  • How Long It Lasts: If used once a day, our 10 fl.oz./300mL bottle provides an approximate 2 months supply.


Apply to a wet sponge or wash cloth. Focus on oil-and odor- producing areas such as under arms, behind the ears and neck, groin, and feet, and rinse well. Follow with our Purifying Body Serum.

When to Apply


How Long It Lasts

If used once a day, our 3.5oz/90g soap bar provides an approximate 1-2 months supply.
This soap does exactly as it says it will do. Any problem with body odor will be resolved. Used twice daily, it will not last 2 months, but it is worth every dime!* – Bonnie
By: Andra
Added: 01/24/2016
This is a great soap to used if you are going thru menopause or if you have bad body odor this will help with that, it will get you very clean and fresh, I would buy again from this seller, my item came very fast*
By: Penelope Lopez
Added: 01/24/2016
Lovely product. The soap is different than other soaps and has a mile smell that really works well with every body type.*
By: Julia
Added: 01/24/2016
I have struggled for a while through various deodorants and powders and vitamins and supplements to combat my changing body order which I believe is due to perimenopause. Two years ago I didn’t even use deodorant (I tend to enjoy natural body odor) but in the past year I have noticed a change in over all scent which has been quite troublesome. My Persimmon bar arrived yesterday and I showered with it this morning and I have to say this is the first time all year that I smell like myself again. This soap does not, for me at least, erase all odor, and I don’t want it to. What is seems to have done is tackle the sharp, bitter, kind of sour smell that I’ve been dealing with. I now have a small, natural amount of odor which is warm and a little spicy/sweet again which makes me INSANELY HAPPY! I will definitely be buying and using this soap regularly. Thank you Mirai!*
By: Mark
Added: 01/24/2016
My wife and I are getting older (ughhh..) but when I realized OUR bedroom had the same stale mouldy smell I remember from my grandparents, I freaked out. I tried Ozium air freshener (used in hospitals) but no help. Finally I realized the smell came from OUR bed sheets, which meant it came from us! I told my wife and she freaked out! Out of the blue I heard about Mirai, and I tried it. It works! Odour totally eliminated. I started paying close attention, and realized not only does this product clean wonderfully, but it does not leave my skin dry the way most other effective cleansers and soaps do. Then I experimented using it on my face because my skin is a bit oily but it also has dry patches. Not only did it clean my face without causing dryness, it seems to cure my dry skin patches. Too good to believe, I looked up persimmon, and sure enough it’s alkaline PH makes it suitable for treating eczema. My wife and i now only use Mirai cleansers, and to save shipping costs we ordered a big supply (we live in Singapore – high international shipping cost – it is super hot and humid here, which makes us perspire more, leading to more odour). BTW, my wife prefers the body wash, but I’m accustomed to showering with the solid bar, which is also convenient for traveling (it’s become part of my standard travel packing). I tried her body wash and result seems to be the same as the solid bar. Also, my wife tried Mirai face serum, and tells me it’s just as good as the Swiss La Prairie face products, but at a fraction of the price.*
By: Viorela
Added: 01/24/2016
The scent is very soft and medical, cleans the body efficiently. I ordered more of it, and it can be used safely for face as well. Didn’t dry my skin after the shower, love it.*
By: Judith
Added: 01/24/2016
I have notice a definite change in my body odor… for the good. Plus, nice clean feeling after bath time*
By: Wanda
Added: 01/24/2016
Great product, good smell, added to my shower products, purchased the body wash as well. received quickly, without any problems.*
By: Veronica
Added: 01/24/2016
This soap was very pricey for my budget, but I haven’t been happy lately with the products I have been using. This soap cleans thoroughly, yet very gently. It rinses squeaky clean and leaves no slippery residue, yet my skin is not dry from it. I am careful to keep the bar in a dish so as to limit “water melt”, which other customers complained about, and so far, so good. As for the promise that it leaves you smelling better, difficult for me to quantify. All I can say is, no one around me is complaining. I will see how long this bar lasts before I order another one. I am liking it a lot at this point in time.*
By: Paula Williamson
Added: 01/24/2016
I use this and it does everything it is suppose to, and more. I wash my body by hand and the soap is creamy, thick and rinses off without leaving any itch or residue feeling. Product leaves a slight scent. Since I am allergic to perfumes and don’t have a problem with this product, I would recommend this product.*
By: Tammy Bond
Added: 01/24/2016
The product is amazing. The service is prompt and reliable. I wish they had a broader line of such wonderful product. Great stuff !!!*
By: Rose
Added: 01/24/2016
I had blamed the health food store deodorant for “breaking” my underarms, and for failing to do their job. Until Mirai: now I feel fresh all day. It has the lightest, natural scent that does not trigger my scent sensitivities or extra-sensitive skin. And a little goes a long way. I use it to wash my underarms whenever I shower, and nightly on my face before bed.*
By: Dennis
Added: 01/24/2016
This is a great product and I am happy that I can get it here. I will purchase again soon.*
By: Diane
Added: 01/24/2016
Lots of suds, and feel really clean after using in the shower. Highly recommended. Only drawback is the price and non existence in local stores.*
By: Martha Poppins
Added: 01/24/2016
I started noticing a weird odor about two years ago….I think I am the only one who noticed (hopefully) but it really bothered me. Turns out that I have been going through Menopause and it really started hitting hard about 9 months ago. I can only assume the odor is caused by fluctuating hormones. Nothing I did could get rid of that weird smell. 5 weeks ago I read an article about this problem and Mirai soap. I had never heard of 2-Nonenal and age-related odor caused by this breakdown of chemicals in the skin, but a light-bulb went off in my head. I ordered the soap and have been washing all over with it, including my scalp which is where I detected the most problem. Bingo! Odor gone. From day one. This is like a miracle for me. Maybe people without this odor problem would not notice anything remarkable about this soap, but give it a try if you do have a problem. Extremely happy customer.*
By: Amy
Added: 01/24/2016
This product really works. It is amazing.*
By: Amanda
Added: 01/24/2016
Love how this product cleans so thoroughly without drying out my skin*
By: Rebecca
Added: 01/24/2016
It treats body odor effectively.*
By: Cynthia
Added: 01/24/2016
Nice soap. Vague scent. Seems to do what it states-eliminates odors that other soaps cannot. I especially noticed decreased or no foot odor. I would buy again.*
By: Pamela
Added: 01/24/2016
This is a great product as well. Great for travelling !*
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