Geisha Beauty Secrets: Japanese Green Tea


As a beauty and health staple of the modern day geisha, we celebrate July as the month of green tea harvest in Japan. Only the finest green tea leaves are sourced for purity and freshness, and to ensure their many beauty benefits in all Mirai Clinical products.

  • Green tea is clinically proven to reduce sun damage, which is 80% of your skin aging causes. While sunscreen is necessary to prevent serious damage from the sun, it’s not perfect and unless you never see the sun, your skin will experience some damage. For instance, the sunscreen you apply in the morning is likely to wear off by the afternoon.

    In addition, the amount you apply is probably only 1/3 of the suggested amount needed for full coverage: when sunscreen is tested for UVA protection) and UVB protection, labs generally use 3 times more than the amount you would use. Therefore, it’s very important to reduce any sun damage after sun exposure. Green tea can help soothe this damage.

  • Green tea helps the skin maintain a healthy pH balance, crucial in warding off infection and preventing the skin from becoming too dry or too oily. It helps prevent acne, thanks to its powerful anti-bacteria catechins. Hormone imbalances cause unnecessary pimples and green tea works to prevent and heal them.
  • Green tea helps detox skin by removing impurities and environmental toxins.

Enjoy green tea’s multi-tasking benefits in our face and body care collection.

Learn how to make a Green Tea facial mask here!

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