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Natural Solutions Magazine

Skin Fasting: A Natural Solution to Skincare Skin fasting is a natural solution in its own right. It is, as the term implies, a fast: a way to repair skin, since too many skincare products—too many products in general—contain too many chemicals, dyes, additives,...

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Aging Care

The Truth About "Old-People Smell" Many people are familiar with it: the musty, grassy or greasy odor that lingers in elder care facilities, grandparents’ homes and other similar places. Some people refer to it as “old-people smell,” and it is widely misunderstood in...

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Yahoo Entertainment

What Causes Old-People Smell? We Asked: Charlene Brannon, Ph.D., former professor of food chemistry at the University of Washington and scientific advisor at Mirai Clinical The Answer: As we age, there are a lot of changes in our skin that we can see: wrinkles,...

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Huff Post

Now There's A Cure for 'Old People Smell' “Old People Smell” ― aka the body odor that can accompany aging and is particularly noticeable in nursing homes ― apparently now has a fix. Nonenal, a chemical compound that people develop as they age, is the culprit behind...

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Living Healthy

Do You Smell Old? How to anti-age your body odor. Turns out, that “old-person smell” goes beyond just a home filled with cats, mothballs and dust on plastic sofa covers; it’s a result of the biology of aging cells. You may not have heard of nonenal (the scientific...

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The Washington Post

Is your persimmon soap infused with geisha wisdom? The precious world of artisanal beauty. There are so many next-big-things in beauty right now, it’s hard to predict what’ll truly be next. But Koko Hayashi is hoping it will be persimmon extract, which she describes...

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eHealth Radio

Join us and Lewis Fein, spokesperson for Mirai Clinical, at eHealth Radio and the Beauty and Health News Channels. Click here to listen to the podcast and discover the unique beauty secrets we bring from Japan. Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and...

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Yahoo UK

The 5:2 for Your Face? Why Skin Fasting Isn't as Extreme as You Might Think Skincare novelty is everywhere. Sheet masks spiked with snake venom, LED lights to zap your blemishes, specially formulated probiotics designed to clear your dermis from the inside out: the...

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What Happened When I Stopped Using Skincare Products There is a saying that if you use the same products for too long, your skin gets used to the ingredients and you don’t reap the benefits. This isn't something I want to believe when I’m shelling out money on a...

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Good Housekeeping

5 Best Face Yoga Exercises If we told you that you could gain all of the face-firming, -slimming, and -tightening benefits of a facelift without ever going under the knife, would you believe it? It sounds too good to be true, but new techniques touted by skin care...

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