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Truth in Aging: Purifying Face Wash

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  • Thank You Mirai Team! You all are the best, make the best products and are beautiful! Just wanted to say hi while I stopped in to restock some of my products! I found you on You Tube and Facebook recently and subscribed. Take care, my very best to all of you!!" - Maureen from Florida (where it's currently very hot!!!)

  • "Mirai's body wash allows your face and body to be truly clean. [The] washed skin on my arm feels younger and has a new tightness/firmness that is unexpected from a bodywash. The hint of grapefruit essence is not overpowering and very pleasant.

    When used with body serum you can feel the moisture distributing across your body. My skin, even during the winter months is no longer dry and remains moist throughout the day. There is no oily feeling and the smell is light and clean. My make-up has been going on smoother and lasting longer and I've found myself not having to re-apply foundation and cover-up. The serum has easily become the replacement of my facial serum and facial moisturizing lotion. This product now eliminates both.

    This new product is amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing the longterm effects. Thanks Mirai for bringing these Japanese beauty secrets to the market!" - Lorri P., Utah

  • "I threw the trial samples into my travel bag and so glad I did, as I got bumped off my flight and had to stay overnight in a hotel without my toiletries or a change of clothes. I loved how cleanly and refreshingly the wash rinsed off, especially on my face. I saw an instant smoothness of my skin when I applied the serum and, unlike other moisturizing lotions, I did not have to keep reapplying it. In fact, one application of the serum kept my skin hydrated for over 11 hours of travel. I used up the samples during my week long trip and am ready to switch over from my regular brands. " - Rieko S., New York
  • "I am usually very apprehensive about trying new skin products(have sensitive skin), but I must say both of these products have me feeling as if I have 'new skin'--they are both gentle,clean smelling,so far have restored the moisture in my winter-dry skin. I am very pleased, and will be ordering in the future." - Robin D., Tennessee
  • "So, after only a few uses, I am totally impressed with the lotion (serum) from Mirai! My left hand index finger, for some reason the skin is dry and it peels, plus in order to "make it smooth", I tend to pick at it like when watching something tense on TV. Well, it is almost healed overnight, over two nights actually!" - Vicki S., New York
  • "I was very satisfied by how long-lasting the body serum was. My skin was moisturized the entire day!"
    - Lisa C., Iowa

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